Mentorship and Internship Program at Hennessy

Technician Training at Hennessy

Managers provide the motivation, support, training, and incentives to encourage and empower our teams to do their jobs well. Our managers have to be motivated and energetic themselves in order to get the same from their team. They must define the team goals and have multiple plans in place for how to achieve them, and understand that business success often comes from individual success.

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About Hennessy

Luxury vehicles are something many people look forward to owning someday thanks to their ability to offer you a ton of features and technology and a level of refinement that is unmatched. With their innovative styles and advanced technology features, luxury vehicles tend to be showstoppers in their own right and vehicles that many people are envious of. Our selection of new vehicles is full of different luxury cars for different styles and occasions, and we are also ready to offer you plenty of pre-owned luxury options as well!

Training/Mentorship Program

  • Trainees work with a mentor full-time (with benefits optional the first day of the month after 60 days of employment)
  • Learn from several trainers for 6-9 months before flagging hours individually.
  • Trainees will be sent to dealership specific training courses paid by the dealership.
  • Any ASE's passed while working full-time for Hennessy to be reimbursed by the dealership.

Internship Program

  • Learn from tenured technicians as school schedules allow.
  • If school credit is required, Human Resources will coordinate with professors and/or counselors.
  • Receive paid professional training and experience before graduation.
  • Based on performance, full time opportunities with Hennessy may be offered upon graduation.


Medical, Dental, Vision
Accident Insurance
Paid Disability
Paid Life Insurance
401(k) matching
Paid Time Off
Paid Training
Paid Holidays
Employee Discounts
#OneHennessy Fund


At Hennessy, we give customers the best service experience possible and help our customers:

Showing them the Hennessy Difference
Build relationships that will last a lifetime
Know that we value their time
Feel like they have a friend in the automotive industry
Share their automotive needs and wants with you
Find comfort in your deep product knowledge

Why Hennessy

At Hennessy Automobile Companies, we strive to make every customer a customer for life by delivering the most enjoyable ownership experience possible. We recognize that happy employees make happy customers, and we are dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere that will allow employees to grow their experience into a life-long career. For more than 55 years, Hennessy has been metro Atlanta's leader in luxury vehicle sales, service, and leasing.


Hennessy is proud to serve our community with a set of core values which guide our daily decisions and actions. They are:

  • Accountability - We take ownership of our words, actions, results, and commitments.
  • Teamwork - We are better when we work together.
  • Kindness - We show compassion and care for others.
  • Grit - We have the heart and determination to see it through.
  • Integrity - We are trustworthy, honest, and do what's right.
  • Curiosity - We ask questions to seek understanding.